Subscribers’ Lists

Subscribers’ lists are simple and easy to control. Bulk import, deleting subscribers, user fields, automatic subscription and subscription with confirmation, your page with users’ unsubscription/subscription, email confirmation of subscription/unsubscription with your design, subscription form and API for adding users

Understandable Reports

Track the results of each campaign by using an understandable report. Reports visualize the opening of letters, clicks, undelivered letters, complaints, as well as statistics by the countries. You can also re-contact subscribers by exporting a part of subscribers from the report, for example, those who have not opened the letter.

Undelivered Letters

Undelivered letters, complaints and unsubscriptions are automatically processed online. You can see the results as soon as letters were sent. You have no need to filter users manually. We will do it automatically, based on subscribers' feedback.

Custom Fields

With custom fields you can add more than just addresses and names of subscribers. Use them to personalize communication with subscribers.

Automatic Emails by Date

Create special campaigns to track your customers’ events, send letters on a specific date or yearly, for example, for birthday greetings. Maintain the involvement of your subscribers, and they will not forget about your brand.

Convenient API Interface

We offer convenient API, using which you have the possibility to connect your own website or CRM to our service for managing subscribers and newsletters in a convenient way.

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